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four days to go

There are four days to go and the excitment level is raising. There are (of course) still a gazillon things left to be done but luckily the master is doing most of them. Because as it is, I am unable to do most things thesedays. Why? you might ask. I have a job now, that’s why. For the last four weeks, I spent my days in an office at the harbour, working for THE shipment company. The work is about as boring as can be but I’m still stuck out here all day with a bus bringing me here in the morning and another taking me back in the evening and none in between. Feels a bit like working on an island with a ferry that only drives twice a day.But to cut the long story short, the master is running around town picking up everything from groceries to decorations while I earn some money… talk about emanzipation. :)
Tomorrow is the beginning of the festivities, so to say. Marked by the arrival of my parents. I’m so much looking forward to seeing them again (haven’t seen them since december)! I’m sure it will be a blessing to have them here as (especially) my mum has the gift to sooth my nerves. We’ll pick them up at the train station in the evening and bring them to their lovely hotel.
Tall Ships Race 2007The next day, thursday, I will spend the whole day with them. We will probably go downtown to check out the defence museum and look at the tall ships that can be admired at the harbour until sunday. The day before yesterday, the master and I practised my mothertongue (“Härgottschtärnä!”); it’ll feel strange to speak it again all the time and with so many different people. Friday the bigger part of our guests will arrive and then the day has come already. Gee, feels strange to even think that it is going to happen… and so soon!

A last note to (possible) onlookers: We changed the location of the church ceremony to the church in our town. So if you care to come (which you’re of course welcome to do), please be there in time BEFORE 3pm!

about hospitality and hunting

Gee – it’s been ages since I wrote anything in English. So here’s a short-ish update on what has happened of late: Well, we spent Christmas on our own in our teeny-tiny little apartment, celebrated New Years Eve at Skjoldhøjkollegium and Easter separated – the master in Aalborg with the in-laws and me on my own in our new house. A yes, we’ve moved AND we’re going to get married! Both are exciting but in comparison to the later seems the organisation of a moving like a kiddie game. Anyway: priest, invitations and food are asked, sent and ordered, so roll on July 7th – we’re ready for the I do’s! :)
As for the house – it’s beyond words! I love living in the countryside again. As corny as this may sound but there are really birds that weak us up most mornings with their funny twitchering. We have a lot of fun finding furniture, setting it together (ok – that’s a blatant lie as it most times ends in yelling!) and even more so, just sitting around in the kitchen or the livingroom, enjoying all the space we’re having. It’s actually nice again to invite people (in our old flat it was more a nuisance than anything else)!
SpaTours LogoLast weekend for instance, we had Lejla and Yarl over for dinner. Lejla is my friend from the old language center times three years ago.She’s the only one from that class that I’m still really in touch with… we’re in fact a lot closer now than we were back then. She and her boyfriend founded a travelling company SpaTours for wellness and spa trips to different destinations in South and Eastern Europe. The little hesitating and shy Swiss girl that I am is amazed by there courage to just go for it and start their own company! Lejla’s told me about the finding of new hotels they could work with, that they test them themselves before they make any contracts with them and every now and then, they organise group trips that they guide themselves. If only I’d like special baths but as it is, I always enjoyed the regular pool the most. :)
What else is there to talk about? I’m still job-hunting but I can finally see light on the horizon! I had a job interview last friday and it went really well. The guy wanted take a decision the same even but postponed it because he got some last-minute internal applications. Well, we’ll see. I’m talking with (yet) another job agency and am curious how that’ll go. I tried to sign up for Danish classes again but got told that it’s been too long since my first enrollement to still qualify for cheap integration courses. I’m trying to convince them otherwise and hope they’ll give they’re consent.

My Wish For You In 2007

Ok, this might not be new and many of you might have received it by e-mail as well but I like it. Plus there are surely worse topics for my first post this year, so here goes:

My Wish For You In 2007

May peace break into your house and
may thieves come to steal your debts.

May the pockets of your jeans become
a magnet for $100 bills.

May love stick to your face like Vaseline
and may laughter assault your lips!

May your clothes smell of success
like smoking tires.

May happiness slap you across the face.

May your tears be that of joy.


May the problems you had, forget your home address!

In simple words ……..
May 2007 be the best year of your life!!!

the BIG move

more information will be disclosed soon :)

am I dreaming?

sleepyheadNo, I think I’m not but still, the name of my brand new host is dreamhost! I just moved my pillow and covers from my old place as a subdomain on my master’s realm to my own sleepy kingdom. YEAH! Pure freedom and no more fiddling around with plugins to work around the sub of my subdomain. What a relieve! (btw: the bug with weather-plugin will be fixed shortly ;) )
Oh and if you’re already looking for changes: There aren’t that many just yet… well, none except for the redo of the gallery layout which hopefully everybody will approve of.

So, it’s time for another nap after all that talk of moving and dreaming… tzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

a mere 20 days…

Yes. It’s sad but true: The strawberry season on Raptures of Berry didn’t even make it to its three weeks anniversary. We’re mourning the absence of a healthy, green and red acquaintance. What will refill the blank spot in our hearts and on the top of this blog? – It is with fondness and dear memories that I announce the department of fruitastic layout… and with homely feelings that I herald the era of the bilateral understanding on top and of the calm purity in the body: Long live the new layout! Hurra, hurra, hurra!!!

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healthy living

in a desperate attempt to start a new healthier lifestyle, I bought myself a apple cutter last friday. Since that didn’t really make me a veggie (not that this would have been the target), I gave it another shot and bought a iMac – now that is my kind of fruit! Don’t tell this anybody that ever heard me rambling on about Macs, but I love it. Seriously, I do. I think it was love on the first sight from the moment the lovely lady from TNT put the big box on my table… I was excited, all my nerves gathered together in my eyes and my finger tipps, as I carefully opened the box and found a delicate white (useless, since one-button but that I couldn’t care less, because it simply looks lovely) mouse. Then I found the keyboard (the only thing I always liked about Macs – so no change there) and finally, I got to the core and pulled out my might-and-shiny 20″widescreen flat-panel display, 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo iMac – and was lost. The beginning of a love-affair. And this time, I might even dare to say that it is for real. :D

Btw: if you’re considering getting one as well (which I highly recommend), check these out: – hilarioius but very convincing. ;)

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strawberry season

Hey everyone!

One should think that there are better ways to spend a free day in summer but since it is way too hot for me (yes, that’s even in Scandinavia possible!) I figured I should give my blog the chance to reflect the season and so here it is: My brand new summer strawberry layout! I hope everybody will aprove – and if not, answers on a postcard ;)

Going public

I made myself a new rule to come up with a daily task for every day and the one for today, June 8th, would be to make my blog publicly known. As it is, there are only a handful of people that are aware/made aware of my babbling on here and that is going to change now… but please people be considerate: I’m only a small girl trying to find her way around the huge maze. Bear with me.

Oh dear, I’m such a chicken…

Another one to lose her virginity

Ha! Just wanted to try whether my friend Phillipa‘s trick would work for me too. She started her blog a couple of weeks ago and used the virginity-gag to catch the reader’s attention and since you’re still reading, I take it that it did it’s task this time as well.

By now you probably know that I won’t confess whatever it was that happened that night but will rather dwell on my newest experience as a blogger. The idea to do this comes from my recent moving to another country and the subsequent leaving of my family and friends. The first idea was to start a blog as a mean of staying in contact with the people back home but soon grew/evolved to a diary of my new life for memories of the past, expriences in the present and dreams of the future. So the blog will be filled with me blabbering about my fancy for old books and guy in cravats and breeches and gals with empire-line dresses and dullish poems in unintelligible language and my foolish passion for anything one can create by gimping a little with brushes, patterns and textures as long as you twitter a little tune to go with it.

That’s it for now… more to come, I daresay. :)