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Hello, I’m a Mac

Hello, I’m a scarf-wearing iBook-flippa… and who are you?

Fond memories

Ok, confession time: I really didn’t like Mamma mia the first time I watched it. I found it too OTT, too cheasy, too badly sung, too theatrically acted, too… anything negative. But then, when I went home to visit my parents and suggested to go and watch it as a family-outing, so to say, it hit me – HARRYmania! My sis and I had so much fun. We laughed until our bellies hurt… most of all about this (major spoiler alert!):

(sorry for the bad quality – couldn’t find a better one)

You’ve gotta adore Harry – he’s just going for it. Gimme gimme gimme, you’re one h*ck of a you dancing queen! :D


It’s 1pm and I’m way to hungry to care: Somebody please come and kick my collegue who’s supposed to go and get our lunch! There’s a bounty of

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  • for the first one to go and punch her — go boys!


    Ae fond kiss, and then we sever;
    Ae fond kissAe fareweel, alas, for ever!
    Deep in heart-wrung tears I’ll pledge thee,
    Warring sighs and groans I’ll wage thee.
    Who shall say that Fortune grieves him,
    While the star of hope she leaves him?
    Me, nae cheerful twinkle lights me;
    Dark despair around benights me.

    I’ll ne’er blame my partial fancy,
    Naething could resist my Nancy:
    But to see her was to love her;
    Love but her, and love for ever.
    Had we never lov’d sae kindly,
    Had we never lov’d sae blindly,
    Never met-or never parted,
    We had ne’er been broken-hearted.

    Fare-thee-weel, thou first and fairest!
    Fare-thee-weel, thou best and dearest!
    Thine be ilka joy and treasure,
    Peace, Enjoyment, Love and Pleasure!
    Ae fond kiss, and then we sever!
    Ae fareweeli alas, for ever!
    Deep in heart-wrung tears I’ll pledge thee,
    Warring sighs and groans I’ll wage thee.

    Mmmmh, you might think. What’s she up to? Kissing and leaving? Is this a badly covered way to tell everybody that the wedding is off? – Well, no! :P The wedding is still on and we’re very exciting about it! One day we might even get around to decide what we’re going to eat that day.
    But back to the poem: This is my movie recommendation of the week! It’s a little Scottish flick called “Ae fond kiss” – yes, after the above cited poem by my hero Robert Burns. The film’s topic might be a bit much “Bend it like Beckham”-y, but , to quote Janice: I gotta buy a vowel here: OMG – talk about “fond kisses”! The movie got a +15 in the UK, for crying out loud! I really have to watch it together with the master, one day. ;)
    Ok, next movie recommendation will be G-rated… promise! I even have another Scottish gem in mind. *whistles*

    Mini-Me and his regular brother, right?

    Stunningly beautiful or WTF WTF WTF!

    I surrender – numa numa dance

    Ok – all you people out there who have misspelled the actual name and ended up on my blog: The “funny” video with the “not so thin” guy dancing to an Eastern European “pop” song you were looking for is called numa numa dance – not nummu, nummu dance or any other version my log told me people were looking for. So watch the clip, go nuts and bye! :)
    And just for the record: Nummu is dialect for only.


    In miner Schtatistik fallt mier immer wider üf, das mich d Lit mit du gschpässigschtu Üsdruck finunt. Eine derfa isch nummu und es isch grad es Momäntji gangu, bis ich gschtigu bi, wiso: Das sind Lit wa das Filmji süechunt! Das Filmji wa schich en Amerikanische Schieler zum Pfifl macht isch sit ungfähr zwei Jahr en absolute Klassiker… und me sägi daderzüe appa nid. ;)

    Google snatched YouTube

    That‘s gonna end all the lovely Google Video vs You Tube discussions the Master and I used to have. What a pity… but hey, $1.65 billion was such a tempting offer that the poor people in Mountain View couldn’t possibly decline. :)

    How to meet your friends – part I

    Well then, I’m obviously back from my fabulous trip to London… and fab it really was! I had a great time together with my Japanese friend and a lot of fun with my Swiss friend and the three of us enjoyed the communicating across the language borders very much. :) JA

    But a bit more detailed (before everybody goes on asking me): I arrived last Wednesday just to find out that my Danish mobile wouldn’t work in the UK! *bummer* After calling my boyfriend and making him borrowing his friend’s bike to go to our place and getting my addressbook, he called my friend and told her when I would be at Liverpool Street station so that she could come and pick me up. She did and after we storred my stuff at her place we went out to have delicious Spanish lunch and a strool across the city. So imagine us, the tiny Japanes girl and the tall Swiss girl, lost in some nonsense conversation walking across Leicester Square when we found ourselves quite confused in the middle of a pretty big mob of people screaming for Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn! Seriously! This was truly coincidental! Neither of us knew anything about their expected appearance at the premier of the Break-Up – we didn’t even know that there was a movie premier that night. We then figured whatever, let’s take the chance and waited behind the photographers area (all of which were standing on small stepladders) for a couple of minutes, when VV arrived… He stopped like one meter or so in front of me… I could have slapped him! (which I wouldn’t have wanted to because besides being very tall, he was quite cute… scruffy look and everything ;) ). JA came some five minutes and unfortunately not that close to where we were standing (but still about two meters, I’d estimate). She’s sooo tiny! She was wearing huge heals and was still smaller than me. She was very tanned and had a thick make-up on (because of the flashlights, I’d say) but seemed very pretty… below all the make-up so to say. ;) Anyways, my friend and I are both huge Friends fans and kept talking about our spontaneous luck for the bigger part of that night.

    *Yawn* I’ve been trying to catch up some sleep during the day but it seems that I could easily take some more… the rest of my stories have to wait until tomorrow then. Nighty night!

    London Baby!

    Ok… I’m now officially off to London and just for those who don’t know yet: the trip is to meet my lovely Japanese friend who’s writing her master thesis in linguistics at University College London and my other lovely friend from home who’s brave enough to leave the country for the first time all on her own – hands up for this. She truly is brave to rely on my knowledge of the city. *shutter*

    Anyway, have fun everybody… and to Mikkel and and his princess: Promise to send me pictures of the wedding gown! *insert evil laughter here*

    Just another ordinary Monday

    Code Poet… and I as silly as ever: Thought today’s task should be to do something nice for my boyfriend and so I ended up folding all his clothes as well (we washed it last night)… Now, how many t-shirts do you think a regular nerd might have? – Too many, that’s how many! What I thought would be an easy and quick task ended up costing me quite some more time than I estimated. *grrrrrrrrrrrrrr… am definitely tempted to throw some of them out!* I should definitely have gone for my first ide and bake him a cake… next time… maybe.

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