Fond memories

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Ok, confession time: I really didn’t like Mamma mia the first time I watched it. I found it too OTT, too cheasy, too badly sung, too theatrically acted, too… anything negative. But then, when I went home to visit my parents and suggested to go and watch it as a family-outing, so to say, it hit me – HARRYmania! My sis and I had so much fun. We laughed until our bellies hurt… most of all about this (major spoiler alert!):

(sorry for the bad quality – couldn’t find a better one)

You’ve gotta adore Harry – he’s just going for it. Gimme gimme gimme, you’re one h*ck of a you dancing queen! :D

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5 Responses to “Fond memories”


I actually LOVED Mamma Mia!
I watched it because Colin Firth was in it. and I adored him in the movie, he was hilarious, I felt to bad when I found put that his character was gay.
and I’m trying not to watch the video you posted her, whenever I watch it I can’t control myself, it’s so funny, I remember IO was crying of laughter at the theater.


Hi, sorry for the late reply… was kinda busy.
First of all: Thanks for your comment! Nice to meet you.

CF really was brilliant in this… I’m mean… there are no words…

I just checked out your homepage(s) and realised that we share some hobbies. ;)


Thats cool. I like sharing same hobbies.


Me too. :) And since our hobbies are not among the most common, it’s even nicer to do so.


really? our hobbies aren’t among the most common? I didn’t know. Ididn’t even know I had hobbies. LOL.

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