am I dreaming?

<  am I dreaming?

sleepyheadNo, I think I’m not but still, the name of my brand new host is dreamhost! I just moved my pillow and covers from my old place as a subdomain on my master’s realm to my own sleepy kingdom. YEAH! Pure freedom and no more fiddling around with plugins to work around the sub of my subdomain. What a relieve! (btw: the bug with weather-plugin will be fixed shortly ;) )
Oh and if you’re already looking for changes: There aren’t that many just yet… well, none except for the redo of the gallery layout which hopefully everybody will approve of.

So, it’s time for another nap after all that talk of moving and dreaming… tzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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Oh… I knew it would be dangerous to put you on a host named something like “dream”, “sleepy” and so on :-) I really like the new theme for the gallery, it looks very clean and elegant.

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